Sunday, October 4, 2015

Cozumel Triathlon ITU World Cup

I have just done the race here in Cozumel, México. And have you ever felt happy after having a bad race!? Well, that is what has happened to me! 
My race wasn't so bad, well maybe it was, because I actually not even finished the challenge (750m swim, 20k bike and 5k run). I had to stop due to an  injury in the Achilles tendon.

But I am not only happy to be watching the Caribean Sea! This race was different right from the beggining, I was feeling good and strong! Can't really tell when was the last race I felt that way, like having the guts to bike and run after swimming, instead I used to feel as the whole thing was such a struggle. In the last 2-3 years I was always exhausted, maybe one good training here and there but that was it. Even when not training I would feel miserable. I have no idea how my girl Florencia could stand me! Last year we were here in the Caribean Sea too, and almost the whole time in the Hotel, walking even a block used to be a huge sacrifice.

Mistery solved, and last year I discovered a problem with my thyroid, maybe too much trainning and eating wrong made me to have this hormone imbalance.  

I started to treat it two months ago, and on this race I could see the enourmous difference of coming back to normal. So despite not finishing the race I had a "test-drive" that brought lots of motivation to keep fighting and look forward to the next races!!

til the next one!!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Propriocetive training to treat injuries and to gain efficiency

Hello Everyone!

Those who follow my posts, know that I did not finish my last race due to a Achilles tendon injury.

Since then I couldn't run for more than a 100 feet on the asphalt, so I decided to try this proprioceptive training (which topics the video below), and already on my first day I could run for more than 2 miles in the sand. I wanted to run further, as it was so awesome to run pain free, but as I also explain in the video, this training requires patience to not cause any other injuries.

The proprioception idea is vast used in swimming, where is a lot harder to perceive your own movement. All those drill excercises are also proprioceptive, so not only useful to treat injuries but to improve efficiency.

Its also worth to say that each injury has it particularity and I would not recommend you to continue training if it is being painful. Also doble care for those who are taking anti-inflammatory, as they can hide pain, so they can also hide a worsening injury. I suggest you to keep away, the more you can, from any kind of drugs...
The workout was done here in Los Angeles, at the soft sand of Santa Monica Beach, and by clicking on the link below you can see all the data (distance, speed and route) recorded by Strava. 

Friday, April 17, 2015

The End of The Oceania Mini-season

DNF at Gold Coast WTS...

It would be a hard one, not only by the high level athletes, but also by leaving two bad results on this mini Oceania season.

When there is no results, there is excuses and I hate giving excuses!!

I am actually pretty glad and happy, and kind of against my will I'm writting down this lines about these excuses. Only because I am really greatful for everyone who is cheering for me, so I wanted you to not worry and let you know that I am very confident for the rest of the season!!
(The exact time I quitted at Gold Coast WTS, live broadcasted by

Back in November 2014, while I was still planning the 2015 season, the Brazilian Federation finally posted the trial rules for the Toronto PanAm Games, and the only chance to run away from the subjective criteria was to be in the top 50 on the Olympic Ranking until May. In a talk to Grant Holicky, my coach, we decided to go for it!

It wouldn't be easy, in the same November, my thyroid problem was in it's summit, my cholesterol levels hit 275, the highest ever, testosterone levels on the floor and in a VO2 máx test I discovered a 30% deficit on what I used to test. Exam repeated by physician suggestion, the doctor thought his equipment needed calibration!

But it was me, the "VANYA" biological machine wasn't efficient as it used to be. I even looked for hormonal replacement, but it would be another novel to have a Federation help on getting the burocratic clearance over the anti-doping agencies. 
(Gold Coast WTS start, the second from front to back)

I have researched more, dug really deep, and also had a help from a friend who studies Epigenetics, and gave me a really good point of view on how our brain is linked to everything, including thyroid function.

It was so much stuff, that I can't really tell what made the difference, maybe a bit of everything! But the great part is that before leaving Brazil I did one more blood test, and TSH (thyroid related) level was back to a normal pattern, and the better, with not taking any medicinal drugs!!

But as everything can't be perfect, I had a strong sinusitis, days before travelling to Australia...

In the first two races, I was still feeling weird, recovering fom antibiotics. But for my surprise I didn't feel so bad while racing, couldn't perform  great, but definitely a different feeling. Three weeks later in Gold Coast, also felt good, but really missed speed, missed VO2!!

I think the machine is now adjusted, metabolism working well, but it's needed to regain lung capacity, lactate tolerance and all this characteristics that need several hundreds of miles to build it up. It should take some time, but with the Rio Olympic Games approaching, no time to waste, and I will be racing at 80, 85, 90% of full potential, until I can get closer, if not better, to what my VO2 used to be!

Right now I am the 4th Brazilian on the Olympic Ranking, to contest one of the 3 national spots, so no time to lower the guard, thanks everyone for the encouragement and see you in the Panamerican Championship on May 2nd, in Mexico!

Monday, April 6, 2015

New Plymouth Brick Trainning!

Good Morning Everyone!!

I hope you are liking the video-post sequence, would love to hear any comments and suggestions!

Here are some more images of New Plymouth, in New Zealand, this time I doing a brick session on the Taranaki Cycle Park, which is an awesome bike track with 1 mile extension around a velodrome. On this one I did a bike and run race rhythm workout, in other words, balls to the wall!!

What a great day of trainning!
Check it out...

Friday, March 20, 2015

Swimming with Sharks in Australia and the Kiwi Errr!!

This time I really overcame my best ever!! Hahaha

If you thought I could be crazy, now you can be sure of it!

Swimming with sharks in Australia and the Kiwi Errr!!

A super production Cavanha du Brazil!!

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Friday, February 20, 2015

Mendoza ITU Panamerican Cup 2015 #Vendimia

Mauro Cavanha e Florência took a 18 hours bus crossing Argentina from La Paz to Mendoza.

Once in Mendoza, while Mauro was preparing for the race, Flor wandered around this beautiful town!

The video ends in the race day, which is also the Valentine's Day, when unfortunately they have to say good bye to each other, as at that night Mauro was heading back to Brazil, while Florencia was heading back to her studies in Santa Fé.

Click below and have fun watching it!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

La Paz Triathlon Races

Hola Muchachos y Muchachas!!

More than a month here at the Triathlon Land (La Paz), Im feeling practically an Argentinian citizen, so this time I shot this video speaking Argentinian!!

I said Argentinian and not Spanish, because their accent is so different that it took me a while to get used to their particular pronunciation way.

The video camera was not the best one, so only later I realized I cut Florencia at almost all the footage (sorry!), where we talk about the time here and it has some images of the races I did, both here in La Paz, as they call, The Triathlon Land!! 

The first one was a super sprint, or a fast, where I got first place!!
The second one, was an ITU Panamerican Cup, and I placed 6th. 

I still in the Tango Land until my next race, which is going to be in Mendoza, on February 14th!

Hasta pronto!!

(Down on the right, on video options, you can select English subtitles! ;)